Lupul isi schimba parul dar…

by AvionarU on 20 July 2006

Windows principles

Microsoft has written itself 12 tenets to promote competition associated with its operating system. Here are the main areas:

Choice for computer manufacturers and customers
1. Installation of any software
2. Easy access for software makers
3. Defaults for non-Microsoft programs
4. Exclusive promotion of non-Microsoft programs
5. Business terms (no retaliation against PC makers that support non-Microsoft software)

Opportunities for developers
6. Disclosure of APIs
7. Freedom of choice in Internet services
8. Open Internet access in Windows
9. No exclusivity in middleware contracts

Interoperability for users
10. Availability of communications protocols
11. Availability of Microsoft patents
12. Support for industry standards

Source: Microsoft

oare sai aiba legatura cu faptul ca legile anti-trust au inceput sa dea rezultate pe toate continentele? hihihi

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