BitTorrent goes mobile

by AvionarU on 7 November 2006

yep folks, a aparut si asa ceva: client de torrent pt mobile. mai precis, pentru PPC-urile cu Windows Mobile 2003/5 . arata binisor, se misca ok, are cam toate facilitatile de baza, dar nu are rost sa comentam vitezele de transfer…:D o noua era incepe. o sa mai opreasca astia ascensiunea protocolului BT cand o sa zboare porcu (avand in vedere progresul geneticii, vreo 50 de ani)


WinMobile Torrent is an advanced yet easy-to-use BitTorrent client for Windows Mobile Pocket PC OS. It allows you to create, leech and/or seed torrent files from within the Application. It supports multiple and simultaneous download of torrents with numerous functions to manage, control downloads and peers in a user-friendly interface. […]

  • Create (v.2.1), Leech, Seed torrent within the application
  • Selective download to only download files that matter to you (v.2.1)
  • Multiple trackers supported (v.2.1)
  • Unique User interface that facilitates single-handed operation for WM 5.0 devices (v.2.1)
  • Speed setup guide that provides default setting for the most effective performance (v.2.1)
  • Create torrent wizard that enables you to create torrent from your mobile device (v.2.1)
  • Extract a completed file from a torrent without having to wait for the torrent to be completely download.
  • Easily open, copy or paste a torrent file from Windows Mobile file explorer or open it from Pocket Internet Explorer’s download dialog.
  • Organize all torrents that have been processed into one single directory.
  • Display over all and individual leeching/seeding graphics.
  • Expand download item to view all its peers and their connection status.
  • Log view and file to track download activities.
  • Add, connect, disconnect or delete peers.
  • Pause and resume download.
  • Check tracker’s scape information.
  • Display individual torrent’s block status within any file in the torrent.
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