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by AvionarU on 28 April 2007

and so I left my beloved country to attend a 4-day IT conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. I left happily, knowing that I’ll find a better place, even if it was for a short while. My mate during the whole trip was Alex and I hoped to learn a lot and of course, have a good time.

now, the hotel we checked into was in the very center of the town. nothing fancy, but everything clean and a very friendly staff. Not to mention a very pleasant suprise: we got free public transportation cards during our stay there…the first thing that got my attention was the level at civilisation: it was fucking unbelievable! I think Romania is at least 20 years behind most of the countries in EU. some examples: we took a taxi from the airport. the car was a full option, automated, new mercedes. the kind of car that gets you respect and women in .ro . here most of the taxi’s are like that. the taxi-meter was a integrated LCD display in the mirror. like WTF?! not to mention the driver’s attitude…totally better than our beloved-average taxi-driver. now, the ride: the driver warned us that we are during a rush hour and it might take longer to get in the center. initially i was scared, because that meter was skyrocketing every kilometer, but I soon realised that my definition of “rush hour” is a bit different…we never stopped in a traffic line, the slowest speed was around 30km/h. lots of cars though, but not even a fucking horn!! it was so silent (german cars…ahhh) and people were changing lanes all the time without the “fuck + various family members” so usual in Bucharest.

finally we get to the hotel. check in blah blah. first unpleasant surprise: the internet connection is provided wireless by T-Mobile. at the “fair” price of 18 EUR/24 hours, charged by CC. Per computer. And we were 2, both with laptops. sucked, but there was no choice and we needed t3h n3t. luckily during the conference we had free, fast wifi connection, but overall it seemed very expensive for a 11mbit connection. almost like in a internet cafe. the surroundings of the hotel were “ruled” by imigrants, LOTS of arab and asian stores, cafes, restaurants etc, which again was not so nice, nothing to choose from.

one of the strangest thing happened one day: we woke up very early (7 AM) and thought it would be nice to start the day with a small cognac or something similar. suprise! hotel bar closed, everything around closed. we went to breakfast, then went around the hotel again. 8:30 AM, still everything closed. 9 AM – the turkish restaurant was just opening. they only had beer, so in desperation, we drank that then went to conference. again taxi, again mercedes, again their “rush-hour”…I’ve noticed that BMW Z3 and similar are national cars, or at least in DUsseldorf they are very popular. Oh, and LOTS of women in traffic. no horns or “sweet” words for them. not to mention the tons of parking spaces, with displays all over the town showing how many spaces are left in very location…

now, the center of the town looked really cool, I got to see the famous Konigsalle, with luxurious magazines and stuff. I hoped for some delighting beautiful women in that area, but no luck. actually, german women are not very cute (so I won’t say the “FUCKING UGLY” words). it looks like Hitler didn’t do such a good job with that “arian purification of german race” 50 years ago…the classic german female is tall, more than athletic, blonde and usually doesn’t inspire much of a feminine vibe around her. I don’t know if it’s just my taste or it’s a general fact, but Germany really has a problem with this :) . I was really upset because of this sad fact.

I’ll get over the conference events, they present no interest for most of the people. all I can say is that german spirit is not a legend. they really tend to give full attention to details and everything was perfect and smooth. not to mention the banquet who was on a STADIUM. again I felt sorry I was romanian – the stadium had large, leather-like chairs and big restaurants on all the 4 sides. and it wasn’t Allianz Arena, it was just an “Average” location, at least for the people there. and people said my post “Romania, tara de cacat” was out of line, but how can I be wrong when such “wonders” are present just a couple thousands KM near us…yeah, we probably have some things better than others, but if we add everything and draw a line, I can definetely say we are so wrong as a whole.

now, after all this praising and bragging, check .de part 2 – for pictures and comments.

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1 z3us05 April 28, 2007 at 16:34

de ce spanglish mane !!111oneone


2 baronu April 30, 2007 at 10:57

i really think we should get conquered by the german people! 🙂


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