.de – part 2

by AvionarU on 28 April 2007

ok, first night when we arrived I checked the TV stations available. I found the german version of our famous “talk to much” girls in those suspect contests during the night. . and it was far more interesting. the girls undress themselves as the prize goes up :) . of course, the contest is as stupid as it is in .ro . for example have you heard of a car called “Portho”? come on…

note: click on pictures for full size…doh

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…then I started inspecting the room. i found the following (LOL):

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[….] – this should be a picture with the beer+sweets we bought. however, it would be lame to upload such thing, even if those products are special and are not available in .ro.

then, my target in life (big metaphoric bullshit :P ):

the conference center. approx 10 km from the hotel. but it was a state of art building, at list from my sorry romanian ass point of view. in the picture only about 1/4 of it can be seen. If i remember correctly it’s not a private building, it belongs to the city. I might be wrong, but i couldn’t resist thinking about how long would a project like this take in Romania. There, at 7-8 AM the workers and heavy lifters were starting to move and worked all day long. no beers attached during the process…

and so it begins…the party at LTU Arena. nice spectacular surprise. we found out that me and Alex look like russian brothers to the other participants :) not to mention that we were the youngest and biggest guys there…

another nice suprise: we were welcomed by cheerleaders. not extremly hot, but well above the average :). a so called artistic programme and then some prize award took place. 90% of the participants were male, so you can imagine the reaction. do not exagerate though, most of them were old and/or married and/or to workoholic to enjoy those moments without talking about work…

and then my theory was confirmed. the waitresses (how the fuck is this word spelled!?) were the hottest girls we’ve seen during our whole stay. of course, none of them were pure german blood. more like italian, arab, black, asian. this was delightful. one got my attention. of course, italian blood (sicilian I think). I was told that her collegues call her “Angelina Jolie”, but i found her to be more “Jessica Biel” style. she was my favourite and I couldn’t resist talking to her :) . unfortunately she seemed a bit scared by the “russians” (she even asked if we are dangerous – i thought WTF, we are at an IT conference…how many dangerous guys can you find at these events…). oh, and her boyfriend was also working there, but we didn’t want trouble, so we let it go :P. i couldn’t take pictures of all of them, plus Alex was bored in the morning when he woke up and deleted some of the picz fromt the camera :|, but enjoy the following:

the band with the “soul king”. they were so good they even managed to get some of the participants on the dance floor. unfortunately, those guys were only dancing because they were drunk and it was visible that in other conditions they wouldn’t even bother(or have the courage) to listen and feel the music. a very funny and pleasant suprise for me was to see a very famous professor from German Testing Board unleashing himself on the dance floor. I remembered his presentation and the talk about concepts earlier that day and smilied. I whish I had more teachers like that guy, he ROCKED (both meanings of the word) and he was an exceptional speaker, although I didn’t fully agree with his opinions. he was something like Robin Williams in “The dead poets society”…

I don’t have pictures with the food, but of course, it was designed to satisify all tastes, religions etc. it wasn’t bad, but not very good either, I like our juicy traditional food, with lots of fats and other ingredients that are “banned” in western meals :) . however, it was eatable and the service was outstanding. again something that accidentaly reminded me of the romanian waiters in average restaurants and their shitty behavior…

I am stil thinking if I should end the post with a fancy self-bragging pic with me in a very bussiness like position at the conference or not :)

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1 Klau April 29, 2007 at 00:19

2 chestii:

a) de ce ai scris in engleza? ai facut schimb de blog-uri cu cativa oameni intalniti acolo si te-ai gandit ca e corect ca sa inteleaga si ei care e parerea ta despre germania?

b) omule, ai skills; ce naiba te mai tine in nashparlita asta de tzara? pana acum aveai o scuza: domne, nu stiu cum e ca n-am fost, dar acum ce te mai retine? familia, prietena, sanatatea, sau ce?


2 AvionarU April 29, 2007 at 00:47

oh, forgot to mention, please try to post your comments in english. it is not compulsory though 🙂


3 baronu April 30, 2007 at 11:01

My friend, u and Alex DO look like russian brothers!! :))


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