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by AvionarU on 4 September 2006

During yesterday / today (and it keeps going), a HUGE ATTACK HAPPENED with more than 630 websites (Romanian and foreign, but mostly Romanian) beeing hacked by a certain Arab Security Team (AST) (e-mail address : dr-hacker@hackermail.com) an arabian hacking faction, militating for “lebanon innocents”.

I think more than 30% of these websites were hosted on the same exact server. The whole server was hacked by searching all index pages of hosted websites and replacing them with another index page (with the faction’s text).

This is a good example for other hosters, to actually keep their security to a maximum… (Continuarea + Lista la Cristi, you will be missed :) )

a fost interesant aseara, mai multe comunitati din care fac parte au fost afectate de atacuri. din fericire, cea mai importanta, cea in care sunt cel mai activ, nu a avut nimic de suferit. oricum defacementul nu a fost facut de “hackeri” in adevarataul sens al cuvantului, eu i-as numi mai mult script kiddies. de asemenea nici indieni nu sunt sigur ca au fost, sau daca erau, probabil se antrenau pentru interviu la divizia Microsoft din India.

oricine ar fi fost, si-a luat carne de la vreo 700 de owneri de site plus userii aferenti :D. si daca erau indieni si ajung printr-un accident pe pagina asta, am un mesaj: “go fuck a cow!”

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