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by AvionarU on 23 November 2007

"As a consumer, I want my internet experience to be as fast as possible. The last thing I want slowing my internet service down are P2P freeloaders. Thats right, P2P content distributors are nothing more than freeloaders. The only person/organization that benefits from P2P usage are those that are trying to distribute content and want to distribute it on someone else’s bandwidth dime."


"I think the position that "you pay for the bandwidth, so you can use it any way you want" isn’t reality and very flawed when it comes to P2P. . . Bottom line, you are re-selling bandwidth. For those of you who like the buffet analogy, that’s like saying you paid for the buffet, so its OK to take as much jello and mac and cheese as you can carry and walk outside the restaurant and sell it or trade it."


dumele de mai sus sunt scoase de un nene mare scula pe bascula, adica Mark Cuban, CEO la si proprietarul Dallas Mavericks. din cand in cand mai scoate cate un comunicat in care abereaza despre banarea traficului P2P de catre toti ISP.


daca ajung vreodata CEO undeva si ma vedeti debitand asemenea prostii, trageti-mi un glont in cap.


sursa: DSLreports

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1 Adrian Enache November 24, 2007 at 01:22

Cuban ăsta e recunoscut pentru faptul că se trezeşte vorbind. Are o mulţime de amenzi de la NBA pentru prostiile pe care le debitează. Poate se găseşte vreunul să-l scape de chinuri…


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